Some things are better left undiscovered.  Powerful things, dangerous things…  Why is it we chase them with such abandon?  

This site is dedicated to the Echowake series of books written by John G. Stevens.  Echowake is a Fantasy/Steampunk novel set in a world full of powerful mystics, world-spanning adventures and the endless struggle for control of The Well: an ancient altar thought to be the source of all life’s energy.


John is a hardworking Husband and Father of three boys. He has spent most of his life on the East Coast of the US and currently resides in Southern Maine. They lived in Japan for a few years, love to travel and try to focus on what connects us all rather than what separates us. He considers the apex of all delicacies to be anything with buffalo chicken in it. Being a musician, avid reader and dabbler in Parkour gives him many avenues to pull from in his writing. A lifelong storyteller, John has always imagined worlds where there are no limits.