Upcoming Books

The Trilogy

Book Two:  Tempest Born

A mysterious force begins lurking its way towards the city of Sedenza leaving unfathomable destruction in its wake.  Unstoppable and shrouded in shadow, nothing can make it yield.  Adding to our heroes’ peril, the Outcasts have set out to wage war and conquer the surrounding areas of The Wastes, and their reach moves further across the continent every day.  Trede and his friends seek all aid to find a way to save their city and the world.

Progress: On the homestretch to get this to my beta readers!


Pre-Beta read draft:




Book Three:  Lost in the Light

Sorry, no spoilers yet…

Progress:  Planning and outlining is well under way for Book Three. This will bring the trilogy to a spectacular close!


The Strength of Words

A character introduced in Book Two has an incredible story to tell.  This will be a somewhat shorter novel of the last mystic alive who has mastered The Strength of Words.  

Progress: Currently in the concept & outlining stage.

Caretakers of The Well

The world was not always so broken as it is during the trilogy.  What was life like for those in the previous age?  What did society look like when all schools of the Inner Fire were at their peak?  What happened during the first meeting of humans and selahns?  This book will tell the history of the world through the eyes of its key players in time.

Progress:  Currently in the concept stage.