Upcoming Books

The Trilogy


The Strength of Words

A character introduced in Book Two has an incredible story to tell.  This will be a somewhat shorter novel of the last mystic alive who has mastered The Strength of Words.  

Progress: Currently in the concept & outlining stage.

Tales of an Immortal Android

What would you do if you could live forever? The android, Tenowon, experiences life from a unique prospective. He’s seen powers rise and fall, all the best and worst of humanity played out over an impossible span of time.

This story is the Tale of the immortal android, from before the cataclysm and through the ages that pass after.

Progress: Currently outlining a seven book series.

Caretakers of The Well

The world was not always so broken as it is during the trilogy.  What was life like for those in the previous age?  What did society look like when all schools of the Inner Fire were at their peak?  What happened during the first meeting of humans and selahns?  This book will tell the history of the world through the eyes of its key players in time.

Progress:  Currently in the concept stage.