Book Three

The heroes of Sedenza narrowly defeated Proteus, his magical Storm-weapon and the entire Outcast army. But not without great loss.

At the battle’s climax, Trede, the entity known as Wellborne, and the Outcasts disappeared in a flash of blinding light.  After such an unexplainable phenomenon, no one is sure the fight is truly over.  However, life strives on.  Cassidy wrestles with her new assignment: to bring the android, Tenowon, back to life. Yaladra focuses on rooting out the evil influence of Tiberiak, a man whose enterprise is a threat to all mystics. Meanwhile, Oudrine struggles to overcome her harrowing grief and injuries from battling the all-powerful Storm.

Things turn for ill when Marshal Langhorne gets word that a small remnant of Outcasts are on the move again.  It seems Wellborne may be alive, and a race is on to see who can make a claim to that power.  As whispers travel about Wellborne’s return, another voice reaches out from a realm beyond.  If Wellborne can be found, does that mean Trede is alive?  The heroes set out on a great search.  For it is Trede’s connection to The Well omnipotent that may be the only thing that can save them all.

LOST IN THE LIGHT is the third and final book in The Echowake Saga. Enjoy the thrilling conclusion as a band of unlikely friends seek to overcome impossible odds.  Can a group of powerful Mystics, ingenious Cytechs and brave Selahns defeat such a cosmic power turned evil?

This is the third book in an epic-fantasy trilogy written by John G. Stevens. Currently, the book is available via Amazon eBook and Paperback, and on Kobo and Apple iBooks in eBook format only. If you’re interested in other distribution options, please join the mailing list to receive news when they become available.