Book Two

We had one chance to stop Proteus from awaking this Storm. We failed…

Trede and his friends failed to stop Proteus from stirring a great power.  Now an atrocity of magic tears its way towards the city of Sedenza leaving unfathomable destruction in its wake.  Unstoppable and shrouded in shadow, The Storm isn’t the only problem they face. The Outcast army actively wages war in the East. Their reach moves further across the continent every day. 

While Trede and Traz range north to scout the Storm’s path, Cassidy and Tenowon beseech the Cytech Guild to aid in defense of the city. Meanwhile, the mystics Maej and Oudrine devise a plan to overcome Proteus’ thaumaturgical nightmare. Everyone will be stretched to their limit in defense against The Storm. But at what cost?

TEMPEST BORN is the second book in The Echowake Saga. It has more of the characters you love, ventures to new corners of the map and has bigger than ever stakes and a truly epic clash of good vs. evil. Can Trede and his friends save Sedenza from this coming storm?

This is the second book in an epic-fantasy trilogy written by John G. Stevens. Currently, the book is available via Amazon eBook and Paperback. If you’re interested in other distribution options, please join the mailing list to receive news when they become available.