Paperback edition is now available!

I’m proud to announce the official paperback edition of my book!  Find it on Amazon.  I’ve published through Amazon’s beta print-on-demand service.  The back-end process was fairly smooth.  I quickly learned, thanks to the digital preview app, that I needed to make several formatting changes from the e-book edition.  I’m excited to see how it turns out!

I’m a bit surprised at the total cost of printing.  I was expecting to be able to sell it for less than $10 dollars, but that just wasn’t possible.  (Amazon doesn’t let you sell at a loss!)  But for just $12.65USD you can have a copy for your bookshelf.

BONUS:  readers who purchase the print edition first will get a credit for a free copy of the e-book.  Enjoy!

For those keeping score, there are three ways to get a hold of the book:

  • Print Edition: $12.65 (comes with e-book)
  • Kindle E-Book: $.99
  • Kindle Unlimited Subscription:  FREE

Thanks & Happy Reading!



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