Status: A Holding Pattern

I’ve been having a lot of laptop issues so writing progress has been halted. I didn’t realize how much I would miss having access to my outlines, writing app (Scrivener) and notes. Hopefully in another week I’ll be back to writing. Thanks to a tax refund I could afford to send out my MacBook for repair. Woo!

Status update for Book Two: The Coming Storm

Before my computer crashed things were heating up! I’m locked in on the home stretch to finish this one out with a solidified outline and a great head start in the last act. This being my second full-length novel I feel like things are going 100% faster.

This book is going wider than the first. Now with the setting and characters established I wanted to spend more time in the PoV of the other main characters. Trede (our protagonist) still features heavily but we get to see the world from different angles as well. The changing points of view fit well with the scope of this next book. It’s definitely still got the Epic Fantasy vibe and things are happening at a much larger scale here. That’s all for now! Follow the blog here for future updates. And leave a comment on the contact form for a chance to become a beta reader for book two (as soon as it’s ready). Thanks for reading!P.s. If you’re wondering about the picture up top, it’s of a fox in my backyard! I think it was hunting squirrels.

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