UPDATE: Tempest Born (Book#2) is well into revisions

For those of you that haven’t heard, I’ve just moved recently. Things are finally starting to settle down on that front. Lucky for you (or for me, anyway) I’m back on track to bring this second book home. I’m still very pleased with how it’s turning out. I think I’m on target to hit my goal of each book I write being the best I’ve ever written. 😉

Expect to hear more as I get closer to The End in Tempest Born. Hopefully, you all can help me test out cover design ideas and blurbs. Feedback is huge! And yes, Beta Readers will still be chosen from my mailing list, so sign up if such a thing interests you. I’m hoping to build an ARC team (advance reader copy) before publishing to get some feedback and reviews ready for the launch day, too. More on that later.

So long!

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